I transit the waters with a shoal of visions

when the water dries and the mountains appear I join a herd of savage ideas

then a wolfpack comes and feast on them

leaving small pieces of words that a flock of birds eat, and shit

then shit becomes the mother of the finest creation!


Ideas move me and I move the ideas. The stories change me and I change the stories.

The creative world I inhabit depends on the constant transit or movement through thoughts, images, sounds and experiences that have stuck to me in my process as creator. I believe in transition periods as moments of authentic artistic creation because they are the seeds of transformation. Making films is a practice in which I have to accept all the changes to my ideas and work, fearless of the ultimate consequences of the journey (transformation or mutation?). It doesn’t matter because I know that the wheel of movement will take me to transit again into new territories of creation.

I see myself from outside as one, but inside I perceive a divided multiple-being that have received the curse and the gift of a contact with multiple-cultures. My writing process relays on multi-dimensional characters and its actions. For me as a director the filmmaking stage is not just the culmination of a script, it is also the result of the constant emotional and intellectual changes that are provoked by a flow of images and ideas even before the process of writing a film narrative happens. Making films for me always implies infinite diversity and numerous transformations, which sometimes makes me wonder if I am Asterion in a vast labyrinth that I have designed myself, like Dedalus. That is, the space similar to the one that of Jorge Luis Borges describes in the book „The House of Asterion”: „infinite doors, passages, rooms and corridors without a lock”, and maybe with an exit. This is my infinite universe the I have decided to live in for now.

Learning to find the right questions in order to work on the answers and broaden my view on the process of artistic expression have been always important for me. This quest I hope will make me a better and innovative storyteller able to develop solid and authentic narratives. By experimenting with visual media in the search of my own voice as a filmmaker and working on my personal projects as scriptwriter and director I aim at building my first feature film in the near future.